Burkina Faso hosts more than 23,000 Malian refugees who live in and around two consolidated camps in the Sahel region. The prolonged crisis and increased insecurity in Mali, in most of the return zones, prevents a return in safety and dignity. At the same time, the security environment in the Sahel region is rapidly deteriorating and there is a possibility that Malian refugees will spontaneously relocate to safer areas.

UNHCR has reinforced security provisions inside the camps and is working closely with the authorities to relocate all refugees settled in Soum Province to Mentao camp no later than March 30, 2018. Malian refugees settled near the Malian border in Oudalan Province will also be relocated to a safe zone at a later stage.

Next to strengthening security, UNHCR’s priority is to work with refugee populations to provide them with the means to integrate into local communities and become self-sufficient. We also provide people displaced by violence with access to safe water, secure and comfortable shelters, and healthcare. We ensure refugee children and children from host communities have access to education, and also work to reduce statelessness. In 2018, we will help 1,800 Malian refugee children in Burkina Faso to have an education and ensure 100 per cent of people of concern will receive protection and documentation.  

For information about our work in Burkina Faso:

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For information about our operation in Burkina Faso, please contact us through our Headquarters in Geneva, Switzerland.