As of the end of April 2018, there were 296,748 refugees in South Sudan and 1.76 million internally displaced South Sudanese who were forced to flee their homes but did not cross an international border.
Throughout 2018, we expect the operational environment in South Sudan to remain unpredictable and complex and the humanitarian situation to continue to deteriorate meaning there will be an increasing number of people who need assistance. Also, a struggle for natural resources could potentially escalate into tensions as a growing number of host communities live around the camps in search of access to clean water, healthcare and education.

In 2018, UNHCR’s support to the host community will remain one of key priorities, and we aim to support more than 90 per cent of malnourished refugee children, enrol 85 per cent of school age refugee children in primary education, and ensure 85 per cent of refugee households living in adequate shelters.

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For information about our operation in South Sudan, please contact us through our Headquarters in Geneva, Switzerland.