Passages Game

An awareness game putting players through the experience of refugees.

A game leader is designated and the group is subdivided in "families". Each of these families will play game modules putting them through all aspects of being a refugee (fleeing a country, crossing borders, claiming asylum). The game leader will brief and debrief the players afterwards. Some props and clothing are necessary to set up the game modules.

Depending on how many modules are played, the games take half a day to a day to play.

Materials available

The Passages Booklet contains all information needed to play the games. It also contains the instructions for the game leader and the briefings and debriefings.  

Age groups

No age defined, but ideally for groups of teenagers and/or adults.


The Passages booklet is available in Dutch, French and English.

How to order

The Passages Booklet is available here as a free download in English, in French and in Dutch.