At a transitory in Marawi, clothes on their backs and hope in their hearts

UNHCR and Uniqlo Philippines returned to Marawi city to give the gift of clothing to around 750 families.

The men and women in this transitory shelter are all smiles. Even on this gloomy and humid August morning, the displaced community here in Boganga transitory shelter have something to be cheerful about. On World Humanitarian Day, UNHCR Philippines and its global partner UNIQLO showed solidarity for the people affected by the Marawi crisis. More than 700 displaced families were able to receive the gift of clothing in the Boganga Shelter.

“World Humanitarian Day is for us to show our solidarity for people affected by humanitarian crises, including you. This is a very important day for all of us to get together and show solidarity that we are all here to support you, to work with you for solutions,” said Mr. Shinji Kubo, Representative to the Philippines.

Heartfelt solidarity

Boganga transitory shelter currently hosts the families who lost their homes due to the conflict in Marawi. Most of the families who live here lost their homes, loved ones, and possessions back in 2017. Now, they are currently trying to rebuild their lives in safety and in dignity.

UNHCR and its partners work tirelessly to ensure that the needs of the displaced families are given solutions and that they can return home.

Standing with Humanitarians

The humanitarian workers around the world who are helping people build better futures so that they may thrive after displacement. Together we celebrate their kindness and humanity.

Our field staff are able to mobilize quickly, save lives, and protect the most vulnerable families of our time. This is possible because of the support of donors like you who have stood with displaced men, women, and children.

Let us continue to make a difference in the lives of internally displaced families in the Philippines. To help the people of Marawi get back on their feet, please click to donate.