Carme Perea, 41 years old: “I was born in Buenaventura, Colombia. Right now, I live in Ecuador. I make shoes for women. I left my country because of the violence there. I had to flee after they killed my brother. It was too dangerous. I couldn’t have my daughters raised in such a violent place.

I came to Ecuador 10 years ago. I got involved with the refugee integration campaign here and I became the spokeswoman for #SmileWeAreIntegrating. Because of my collaboration with them, I met Ile Miranda, a famous Ecuadorian shoe designer. Together, we created a gladiator sandal, branded ‘She loved me’ by Ile. The name represents the struggle of the everyday woman who wants to improve her life. We believe that if we love ourselves and believe in ourselves, we can improve not only our lives, but the lives of our children.”

“I have been warmly welcomed by the people of Ecuador, as well as by the Government. It has been a good experience for my small family in terms of development and opportunities.”

Carmen believes that her gladiator shoes are a symbol of the daily struggle of women, representing style and courage. Carmen enjoys sewing the pieces together to make them. The sandals are the product of her collaboration with Ecuadorian shoe designer Ile Miranda.

Carmen Perea escaped to Ecuador in 2006 after the murder of her brother. This tragic event drove her to flee her native city of Buenaventura in the midst of armed violence. Colombia has the second highest number of internally displaced persons in the world – an estimated 6.5 million people – after Syria.

Buenaventura has suffered from violence and conflict for over five decades. This industrial port city has some of the highest rates of violence and displacement due to fighting among illegal armed groups. These groups often target women and resort to torture, rape and revenge killings to exert control. Some 200,000 refugees from Colombia have arrived in Ecuador since 2000.

Through her tireless work to integrate into Ecuadorian society, Carmen managed to start a small business making footwear for women.

Written by Sonia Aguilar

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