David Morrissey

gets to know Alla, daughter, student and future interior decorator.

David Morrissey met Alla in Jordan. She told him “I want to be an interior decorator because I want a skill that can help rebuild my country.”

Twelve-year-old Alla lives with her family in a town called Zarqa in Jordan, with her parents, Samir and Raeda, and her four siblings. Samir, her father, has a bullet wound on his thigh – a constant reminder of the violence they escaped from in Syria. Alla and her siblings all go to school nearby – it’s important for them to regain a sense of normality amid the drastic change in their lives. Alla and her siblings are just like any other children, with hopes and aspirations. Her brother, Hiba, wants to be a doctor, and her sister, Baha, a hairdresser. Alla explained that one day she hopes to become an interior decorator because she wants a skill to help rebuild her country.

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Large numbers of Syrian refugee children are not in school, despite efforts by governments and UN agencies. Often it’s due to psychological distress or because the children are helping to support the family.  With so many children out of school for extended periods, Syria risks ending up with an under-educated generation. UNHCR is working hard to improve children’s access to quality education and strengthen the protective environment for Syrian refugee children. We are seeking ways of expanding national capacity and access to education, recognizing the stress on the public school systems in neighbouring countries.

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