David Morrissey met Alla in Jordan. She told him “I want to be an interior decorator because I want a skill that can help rebuild my country.”

Twelve-year-old Alla lives with her family in a town called Zarqa in Jordan, with her parents, Samir and Raeda, and her four siblings. Samir, her father, has a bullet wound on his thigh – a constant reminder of the violence they escaped from in Syria. Alla and her siblings all go to school nearby – it’s important for them to regain a sense of normality amid the drastic change in their lives. Alla and her siblings are just like any other children, with hopes and aspirations. Her brother, Hiba, wants to be a doctor, and her sister, Baha, a hairdresser. Alla explained that one day she hopes to become an interior decorator because she wants a skill to help rebuild her country.

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