Song written by Lewis Bucumi


I have something in my heart that I am missing.
My friend, are you all right?
Are you still fine?

Although I am a refugee,
it is not I who decided to be one.
Now I sleep in a tent,
yet once I had a beautiful house.
Please God, help Burundians find peace in their land.
Let your holy spirit come and judge people who do the killings.

I am not a street boy, as we Burundians say.
I did not come here because of hunger, as the leaders say.
I left behind plantations ripe for harvest.
I left maize ready but now eaten by bugs.
I abandoned cattle and sheep on the farm.
I left milk in the milk pots.
I left potato and cassava, now consumed by insects.
I left all at home.
I came with nothing.

Now I feed on maize, oil, beans.
At home I ate whatever I wanted.
I am here not because I wanted to come here. No!
I wanted to save my life!
I left the girl I love crying alone on the hills.

I thank Rwanda for welcoming us.
I thought I would never return to school and write.
I thank UNHCR and ADRA for the help they give.
You built a school so we can study as we once did.
We study math, English, French.
Parents, come together! Put our children in school.
In a refugee camp, nothing can be higher priority
than educating our children.
May God bless you.

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