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Hollywood Actress Kristin Davis visits Refugees hosted in Rwanda

“I am amazed and inspired by the kindness of the Rwandan people – their deep understanding and empathy for the Burundian and Congolese refugees and welcoming them into their own communities and integrating refugees into national systems like education.” Kristin Davis

Government, UNHCR, Rwandan and international businesses, UN and NGO heads and diplomats affirm plan for inclusion of refugees in Rwanda’s national development and domestication of the sustainable development goals

Economic Inclusion of Refugees in Rwanda is a Joint Strategy between the Ministry of Disaster Management and Refugee Affairs and the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees for furthering economic development in host communities through refugee self-reliance (2016-2020)

Mahama: Now a Safe Haven for over 50,000 Burundian refugees

Mahama refugee camp population reached 50,233 by 9/09/2016. This camp hosts Burundian refugees. It is located in the Eastern Province, the 6th refugee camp, the youngest and the biggest refugee camp in Rwanda, which despite its small size and densely populated territory, is hosting 164,561 refugees in total, who are primarily from Burundi and Democratic Republic of Congo.

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