Coronavirus (COVID-19) Update

Information for Refugees and Asylum-Seekers Regarding Coronavirus

The Government of Rwanda has announced various measures to prevent further spread of Coronavirus. UNHCR has, therefore, introduced similar precautionary measures to prevent the spread of the virus amongst the refugee population, including asylum-seekers and other persons of concern. Those measures are in line with the Government of Rwanda’s Directive and are meant to protect refugees from becoming infected with the Covid-19 virus.  Actions taken include:

  • Suspension of Services at UNHCR Kigali office:  closure of the reception facilities, no interviews or counseling will take place at UNHCR offices.
  • Suspension of all activities at the community centres.
  • Suspension of all movements of persons of concern: All movements of persons of concern are suspended, and no one is authorized to move from one location to another. This also includes a spontaneous return to countries of origin.  The border remains closed until further notice. Unnecessary movement and visits outside the home are not permitted. It is strongly encouraged not to make any travel arrangements across cities and regions.
  • Resettlement: All movements of refugees departing to resettlement countries have been suspended. For more information, please read here.

You will be informed when the services will be resumed.

Should you have any of the COVID-19 symptoms like fever, cough, shortness of breath and breathing difficulties, please call the toll-free number 114, or dial *114# for automated screening, or email [email protected], or send a WhatsApp message to +250 788 20 20 80, or contact a medical professional in your respective area.

 Assistance Provided to PoC during COVID-19

  1. Remote Counselling (by phone, SMS or WhatsApp messages)
  2. Referral to Services (psycho-social counseling, legal aid, SGBV, CP, etc.)
  3. Medical Assistance, clinics at the camp continue to provide emergency health services
  4. Exceptional Financial Assistance
  5. Access to asylum

Emergency assistance numbers by location


The UNHCR office in Kigali, Nyarutarama is closed since Monday 16 March 2020. We shall communicate the re-opening dates in future announcements.

In order to ensure a quick response to queries with emergency and urgent matters, you may contact UNHCR and partners as follows:

  • UNHCR Protection Unit: 0788 313 705 / 0788 302 718 or Contact us at [email protected]
  • Medical assistance: Contact UNHCR on 0788 313 705 / 0788 302 718


  • UNHCR Protection Unit: 0788 314 711
  • SGBV: 4433 (Toll Free)
  • Legal aid: 1022 (Toll Free) / 845 (Toll Free)
  • Medical assistance: Contact UNHCR on 0788 314 711

Nyanza Transit Center

  • All coordination: 0788 534 671 (Camp Manager, MINEMA) / 1022 (Toll Free) / 845 (Toll Free)

 Kigeme Refugee Camp

  • UNHCR Helpline: 0788 314 711
  • CBI Helpline: 0788 334 787
  • SGBV: 4433 (Toll Free)
  • Legal aid: 1022 (Toll Free) / 845 (Toll Free)

Kiziba Refugee camp

  • UNHCR Helpline: 0788 381 326

Mugombwa Refugee Camp

  • UNHCR Helpline: 0788 314 711
  • CBI Helpline: 0788 334 787
  • SGBV: 4433 (Toll Free)
  • Legal aid: 1022 (Toll Free) / 845 (Toll Free)

Nyabiheke Refugee Camp

Mahama Refugee Camp

  • UNHCR Helpline: 0788 315 023
  • SGBV:  4433 (Toll Free) / 8855 (Toll Free)
  • Child protection: 8855 (Toll Free)
  • Legal aid:  1022 (Toll Free)
  • Police: 0788 311 864

Gashora Transit Center

Government Directives

Office of Prime Minister Announcement


Ministry of Health Announcement


COVID-19 – What you need to know about the current situation in Rwanda

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