World Refugee Day

Together we can achieve anything

World Refugee Day - June 20

Together we can achieve anything

Conflict and persecution have forced more than 80 million people around the world to flee their homes. This is double the number from a decade ago.

These numbers are overwhelming, as are the wars, conflict, and persecution that plague our world and force people from their homes. But we must not look away – because each number represents a real person, a girl or boy, woman or man, whose life has suddenly and through no fault of their own been torn apart.

This World Refugee Day, we call on communities and governments to include them – in health care, education and sport.

Only by working together can we recover from the COVID-19 pandemic. Together we heal, learn and shine.

By being here today, you have shown that you will not look away – you will stand together with refugees.

World Refugee Day 2021

We celebrate the fact that, with help from welcoming communities and kind neighbors, refugees can find the strength to heal, rebuild and even thrive.

Gentille believes that education is the key to change. She worked and tried everything she could to take advantage of the possibilities to study. The Congolese refugee studied not just to help her family, but also to work for communities in similar situations to hers.

Gentille’s hard efforts were concluded to pay off. As an intern, she worked at the UN Refugee Agency Office in Kigali.

“I enjoyed working for the UN so that I could contribute and give back to the community.”

World Refugee Day Assets


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We need everyone to step up and call for refugee inclusion. Pick a placard and post to your social media, showing that you support people forced to flee their homes.

Be Inspired

“Taekwondo saved me. I want to help others in the same way. I learned that hope may save your life. That is exactly what I am doing today in Mahama: I am helping refugees in restoring hope.”

When conflicts left Parfait, 32, seriously injured and his mother killed, he was faced with the difficult task of readjusting to a life of disability. Worst still was the fact that after spending close to two years in hospital recuperating, his father died in a motorcycle accident a few years later, and a few years later Parfait was forced to flee his country with thousands of others to Rwanda.

Parfait fled conflicts in Burundi in 2015, finding refuge in Mahama Refugee Camp, the largest camp in Rwanda, near the border with his birth country, Burundi. Despite a tough childhood, Parfait’s tale is one of resilience, hope and perseverance. He discovered athletics, specifically Taekwondo, which raised his spirits and rescued him.

Join us to celebrate World Refugee Day 2021 in Rwanda

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The Youtubers

“Us youth, we want to make the world better than we found it. We are powerful. We are capable. We are many.”

Amani Mashiro, Emima Solange, KAMALIZA Celine and Byiringiro Gideon have been refugees since their families left DRC in 2013. Now they are members of MAPENDO (meaning “love”), a youth theatre group comprised of 30 young actors from Mugombwa camp and the surrounding host community between 14 and 24 years of age. All four are very proud to use their talents to contribute to dialogue in the community and to support each other in these difficult times.

During the coronavirus crisis, when participatory theatre performances were not possible, they started making short films about serious social issues that affect their lives e.g. early pregnancy and posted them on the group’s own YouTube channel, so that they can still reach the community with their positive messages.

“Throughout this challenging time, we have…seen a connectedness that transcends borders. Ordinary people have stepped up to help. Host communities…have continued to demonstrate a remarkable welcome.”

–Filippo Grandi, UN High Commissioner for Refugees

We work together with refugees every day to build better futures.

Many things stopped during the COVID-19 pandemic but conflicts continued and we kept working. Refugees have been a vital part of our work, volunteering, treating, helping where possible.

Watch the speech of UNHCR Representative in Rwanda.