Asylum-seekers cultivate new lives in Bosnia and Herzegovina

The road to full integration for asylum-seekers in Bosnia and Herzegovina can be a long one, but UNHCR is providing support.

30 Jul 2021

UNHCR, UNICEF and IOM urge European states to boost education for refugee and migrant children

Key challenges include lack of school spaces, teachers not adequately trained, language barriers and limited access to psychosocial support

11 Sep 2019

The chef and the footballer: Father and son find hope in Bosnia

Refugees like Majid and Muhammed are realizing their dreams in Bosnia and Herzegovina.

17 Apr 2019

UNHCR and partners revise funding needs for Greece & Balkans

10 Jun 2016

Housing programme to help Bosnians rebuild two decades after the war

The Guta family has languished for years in the ruins of a devastated village. But thanks to a new housing programme, they hope to rebuild their home and lives.

2 Dec 2014

Donors pledge more than 300 million euros to help refugees in Balkans

A new programme will provide homes for some 74,000 people displaced in the Balkans during the conflict of the 1990s. The EU pledged 230 million euros.

25 Apr 2012

Donors gather in Sarajevo to support regional efforts to end displacement

24 Apr 2012

Looking back at the siege of Sarajevo - 20 years after

3 Apr 2012

Statelessness: Citizenship hopes draw closer for Roma asylum-seeker

Asylum-seeker Muqishta Nuqi never gave up in his determination to become a Bosnian citizen, like his parents and siblings, and his persistence is paying off.

5 Dec 2011