'You could see the happiness on their faces'

A programme underway to relocate 1,600 unaccompanied children from the Greek Islands is already transforming lives.

25 Aug 2020

UN agencies welcome latest relocations of unaccompanied children from Greece, call for further action and solidarity

8 Jul 2020

UNHCR, UNICEF and IOM urge European states to boost education for refugee and migrant children

Key challenges include lack of school spaces, teachers not adequately trained, language barriers and limited access to psychosocial support

11 Sep 2019

First resettled refugees arrive in Portugal from Turkey

4 Apr 2019

Refugees turn cooking skills into tasty success stories

Europeans' appetite for Middle Eastern food gives entrepreneurial newcomers a winning recipe.

24 Apr 2018

Family displaced three times plant new roots in Portugal

Duret and his family have finally found peace in Portugal, far from the violence and persecution that haunted their previous lives.

10 May 2017

Syrian family cook up new possibilities in Portugal

After losing their father and their home, one Syrian family are making new friends and reviving old passions in Portugal.

27 Apr 2017

A dream to rebuild

As war destroyed lives and buildings in Syria, Alaa had to interrupt her architecture studies. Now a scholarship is helping her finish her degree in Portugal.

29 Mar 2016

Ecuador, Honduras and Portugal accede to Statelessness Conventions

All three states became parties to one or other or both of the conventions at a special event in New York on the sidelines of the UN General Assembly.

2 Oct 2012