UNHCR, UNICEF and IOM urge European states to boost education for refugee and migrant children

Key challenges include lack of school spaces, teachers not adequately trained, language barriers and limited access to psychosocial support

11 Sep 2019

Two Cuban refugees find work and a new home in Montenegro

After fleeing home, pair have embarked on new lives in the ancient town of Perast.

27 Mar 2019

Cuban refugees work hard to start over in Montenegro

After fleeing political persecution in Cuba, Raul and his family are determined to build a new life and learn a new language in Montenegro.

21 Aug 2017

UNHCR and partners revise funding needs for Greece & Balkans

10 Jun 2016

Yemeni family reunited in Montenegro after four years apart

Former opposition activist says there were times when he thought he would never see his wife and children again

11 Mar 2016

Donors pledge more than 300 million euros to help refugees in Balkans

A new programme will provide homes for some 74,000 people displaced in the Balkans during the conflict of the 1990s. The EU pledged 230 million euros.

25 Apr 2012

Donors gather in Sarajevo to support regional efforts to end displacement

24 Apr 2012

UNHCR welcomes regional efforts to end protracted refugee situation in western Balkans

8 Nov 2011

UNHCR welcomes latest regional effort to end refugee displacement in Balkans

Ministers of four countries that emerged from the former Yugoslavia support new regional progamme to end the suffering of more than 70,000 refugees.

8 Nov 2011