Refugees in Namibia face double threat of funding cuts and climate change

As inflation continues to push up the cost of basic necessities such as food and fuel, refugees in Namibia's remote Osire settlement are facing stark choices.

17 Nov 2022

Hope and opportunity for refugee students in Botswana

As universities begin to offer scholarships, refugee students look forward to a more secure future in the country they now call home.

3 Jun 2021

Last group of Angolan refugees returns home from Botswana as voluntary repatriation programme winds down

1 Nov 2013

UNHCR repatriates almost 14,000 Angolans; steps up pace of return ahead of deadline

Group refugee status will formally end on June 30 for people who fled Angola during the 1965-75 war of independence and the subsequent civil war.

8 Jun 2012

UNHCR increases returns for Angolan refugees ahead of end June deadline

8 Jun 2012

Angolan refugees return home from Namibia ahead of June deadline

18 May 2012

US journalism students create website to record visits to refugee camps

Journalism students from the US have been visiting UNHCR-run refugee camps in Africa and the Middle East and recording the experience on a new website.

17 Dec 2010

Refugee professionals serving the community in Namibia

The Namibian government decided two years ago that it should tap the expertise of the 8,000 refugees living in Osire camp to provide basic services.

22 Nov 2010

Executives visit UNHCR projects in Africa and pledge more help

Senior business leaders pledge to continue support for UNHCR after visiting refugees in Mozambique, Namibia and South Africa.

27 Feb 2009