Innovation: A Congolese mother sings the praises of wonder stove

Sarah's energy-saving stove adds hours to her day, keeps her safe, saves firewood, has increased her harvest and enables her son to go to school.

19 Mar 2015

UNHCR completes major water project for Somali refugees in Ethiopia

UNHCR formally inaugurates a water and electrification project that will benefit Somali refugees and members of the local community in eastern Ethiopia.

4 May 2010

Celebrities visit refugee camp in Ethiopia after scaling Kilimanjaro

Actress Jessica Biel and other celebrities visit a refugee camp in Ethiopia to see how water shortages affect forcibly displaced people across Africa.

18 Jan 2010

UNHCR optimistic about meeting water needs of refugees in Ethiopia

UNHCR has always faced difficulties ensuring that refugees in eastern Ethiopia have enough water, but is optimistic that new projects will solve the problem.

2 Apr 2009

UNHCR partner wins green award for pioneering ethanol stove

The Gaia Association wins a prestigious Ashden Award worth US$40,000 for distributing an innovative ethanol stove to refugees in Ethiopia.

23 Jun 2008

International recognition for clean, safe ethanol stove used by refugee

A stove promoted by UNHCR and an NGO helps to slow deforestation, curb sexual and gender-based violence and reduce indoor air pollution.

6 Jun 2008

UNHCR starts relocation in Ethiopia of 4,000 Somali refugees

The UN refugee agency has reopened a camp in eastern Ethiopia and begun relocating some 4,000 Somali refugees there from an overcrowded settlement close to the border with Somalia.

17 Jul 2007

Plastic shopping bags provide an income for Somali refugees in Ethiopia

Discarded plastic bags once littered the landscape of Kebribeyah refugee camp in eastern Ethiopia, home to thousands of Somali refugees. But a scheme run jointly by UNHCR and the non-governmental organisation ZOA-Netherlands, is not only helping to solve this environmental problem but is also providing many refugees with a much needed income.

21 Mar 2006

Life-sustaining water project in Ethiopia will live on after refugees leave

Over the years, Somali refugees have gradually returned to their homeland, but a life-sustaining water system originally installed in Ethiopia by the UN refugee agency will remain behind to ease the lives of both the last refugees and the local communities.

6 Feb 2006