Revolutionary housing project brings Dutch youth together with refugees

Startblok gives refugees a chance to meet people from around the world and feel at home.

26 Mar 2018

UNHCR welcomes renewed commitment to protect refugees by Latin American and Caribbean states at key meeting

22 Feb 2018

Sierra Leonean refugees relocate to new houses in Liberia

Sixteen Sierra Leonean refugee families relocate to houses rehabilitated in a town near the Liberian capital Monrovia under the local integration process.

22 Sep 2008

Liberian town sets aside land for local integration of Sierra Leoneans

A town in northern Liberia sets aside land for the construction of 60 houses for Sierra Leonean refugees, giving a boost to efforts aimed at local integration.

20 Aug 2008

Sierra Leonean refugees in Guinea advised on end of their status

Over the past week the UNHCR operation in Guinea embarked on a campaign informing Sierra Leonean refugees on the upcoming cessation clauses of their refugee status and its implications

30 Jul 2008

As food prices rise, refugees in Jamaica look to their own back yard

The global rise in food prices is barely affecting Jamaica, where a group of refugees and asylum seekers is adding to the island's agricultural bounty.

8 Jul 2008

On an island awash in music, a refugee adds his voice

For a refugee from Sierra Leone, studying music at the Edna Manley visual and performing arts college in Jamaica has been a lifeline back to normality.

2 Jul 2008

UNHCR declares cessation of refugee status for Sierra Leoneans

6 Jun 2008

Refugee status for Sierra Leoneans to end

UNHCR recommends that states end refugee status for Sierra Leoneans who fled civil war, saying the root causes of the problem have ceased to exist.

6 Jun 2008