Civil society group hailed for supporting displaced people in remote parts of Myanmar

For its work aiding and empowering communities uprooted by conflict or disaster, Meikswe Myanmar has been named the UNHCR Nansen Refugee Award regional winner for Asia and the Pacific.

4 Oct 2022

HIV positive refugees support one another in Uganda

Refugees from South Sudan find mutual support and life-saving health care at Imvepi refugee settlement.

29 Nov 2019

UNHCR and Global Fund to expand health services to refugees

31 May 2017

Ukrainian couple living with HIV beat the odds to build stable family life

Forced to flee their home in Luhansk, Gesha and Anna Gvozd have overcome health worries and created a happy environment for their three sons in Kiev.

30 Nov 2016

World AIDS Day: UNHCR stresses need to close the gap in HIV treatment

Expanding conflicts and growing forced displacement risk placing greater numbers of people beyond the reach of HIV prevention, treatment, care and support services.

1 Dec 2014

HIV/AIDS: Conflict in Central African Republic disrupts treatment

But one refugee from South Sudan, has access to vital free medicine thanks to a church organization in Bangui. She was infected by her late husband.

3 Sep 2014

Call for UNHCR staff to join goal of ending HIV/AIDS-related discrimination

High Commissioner António Guterres says stigma and discrimination continue to be a major barrier for people trying to access HIV prevention and treatment.

2 Dec 2013

Nairobi workshop creates hope for HIV patients in emergencies

East African experts trade experiences and find ways to make sure people living with HIV are not ignored when next drought or flood hits.

4 Sep 2012

World AIDS Day: Love helps Colombian couple overcome discrimination

When Ana was diagnosed as HIV-positive, she expected sympathy and help from the local community. Instead, she was hounded out of her village.

2 Dec 2011