What I learned from a refugee camp in West Africa

My family fled civil war in Liberia to a refugee camp in Guinea in West Africa. I learned the power of resilience and the value of diversity.

16 Dec 2020

UNHCR airlifts emergency aid for Ivorian refugees in Liberia

23 Nov 2020

UNHCR expands aid as Ivorian refugee numbers top 8,000

UNHCR expands aid to Ivorian refugees amid political tensions in Côte d'Ivoire.

10 Nov 2020

Survivors tell of kidnap and torture along route to Europe

Plucked from the Mediterranean by the Italian Coast Guard, refugees and migrants warn of forced labour and slavery.

27 Sep 2017

UNHCR beefs up Côte d'Ivoire preparedness, as political crisis deepens

UNHCR ready to cope with the needs of up to 30,000 Ivorian refugees after airlifting additional supplies to Liberia and Guinea from emergency stockpile.

21 Dec 2010

Post-electoral tensions drive Ivorians into Liberia and Guinea

10 Dec 2010

Post-electoral tensions drive some 2,000 Ivorians into Liberia and Guinea

UNHCR closely follows post-electoral crisis in Côte d'Ivoire and takes steps to strengthen readiness to respond if more people flee to neighbouring countries.

10 Dec 2010

Africans and Asians attracted to Latin America as a migration route

A meeting in Brazil will discuss mixed migratory movements in the Americas, including the growing numbers of Asian and African refugees in these flows.

10 Nov 2010

Sierra Leonean refugees in Guinea advised on end of their status

Over the past week the UNHCR operation in Guinea embarked on a campaign informing Sierra Leonean refugees on the upcoming cessation clauses of their refugee status and its implications

30 Jul 2008