After decades in Thailand, Myanmar refugees head home

Around 300 refugees are returning to south-east Myanmar, among them a family of four generations.

29 Jul 2019

UN High Commissioner for Refugees concludes visit to Myanmar

During five-day trip, Filippo Grandi pledges support for the displaced and help to build the confidence Rohingya refugees in Bangladesh need to return safely and voluntarily.

24 May 2019

UNHCR welcomes move by Thailand to grant citizenship to boys and coach rescued from cave

9 Aug 2018

Myanmar refugees return home from Thailand with UNHCR support

8 May 2018

From camp to city, Myanmar returnees grapple with Yangon life

Six months after they repatriated from Thailand, a returnee family reflects on the life they left behind and embraces their future in Myanmar.

10 May 2017

Overcoming statelessness in Thailand one case at a time

More than 23,000 stateless people have been granted Thai nationality in the last four years as the Southeast Asian nation seeks to end statelessness by 2024.

24 Nov 2016

Myanmar refugees pave the way home in pilot return

After decades in exile, 71 refugees have returned from Thailand to Myanmar, feeling both joy and trepidation about their future.

28 Oct 2016

First Myanmar refugee returns from Thailand under way

25 Oct 2016

Famed Cambodian refugee camp reopens as educational centre

Thailand's Khao I Dang camp offers lessons in life-saving coordination during the Cambodian exodus and responsibility-sharing to help rebuild refugees' lives.

31 May 2016