Coronavirus pandemic wreaks havoc on displaced Venezuelans

COVID-19 stay-at-home orders have taken a heavy toll on Venezuelan refugees and migrants, many of whom were barely scraping by even before the pandemic hit.

12 May 2020

UNHCR welcomes Colombia's decision to regularize stay of Venezuelans in the country

4 Feb 2020

Colombia's private sector begins to open its doors to Venezuelans

Far from just being a charitable gesture, Colombian firms are finding that hiring Venezuelan refugees and migrants makes good business sense.

14 Nov 2019

Good Samaritan opens her home to Venezuelan women and children in need

Two years ago, a Colombian housewife decided to turn her home into a makeshift shelter for refugees and migrants on a grueling trek to safety.

28 Oct 2019

Colombia gives Venezuela newborns a start in life

New measure grants citizenship to the children born to Venezuelan parents on Colombia soil, helping thousands at risk of statelessness.

14 Oct 2019

In a trek to safety, Venezuelans take on mountain peaks on foot

Weakened by hunger, hundreds of Venezuelan refugees and migrants cross the high Andes each day in search of safety in Colombia and beyond.

5 Sep 2019

Colombia acts to ensure children born to Venezuelan parents are not left stateless

6 Aug 2019

Pregnant women flee lack of maternal health care in Venezuela

Thousands of pregnant women have left Venezuela to protect the lives of their unborn babies and their own.

23 Jul 2019

Half of Venezuelans on the move face high risks in their journey to safety

A UNHCR survey finds that half of Venezuelans who have fled are particularly vulnerable due to their age, health issues, or the choices they had to make to survive.

19 Jul 2019