Goal Click allows displaced people to document the healing power of football

The project puts cameras in the hands of refugees, asylum-seekers and internally displaced people in Latin America, keen to show how football has helped them.

24 Nov 2022

Joint press release: International community shows solidarity with efforts to enhance protection and find solutions for people forced to flee and host communities in Central America and Mexico

21 Sep 2022

UN High Commissioner for Refugees calls for a regional mechanism to deal with unprecedented displacement in Mexico and Central America

2 Dec 2021

Unprecedented displacement in Central America and Mexico calls for urgent regional responsibility sharing

2 Sep 2021

Dance programme helps Venezuelan teen settle into new life in Panama

Programa Enlaces uses art and dance to build bridges between communities, helping young refugees adjust to life in their new host country.

19 Jun 2021

Central America and Mexico reaffirm commitment to address the needs of hundreds of thousands forced to flee

MIRPS countries commit to continue advancing effective responses to forced displacement in Central America during their third annual meeting.

8 Dec 2020

UNHCR joins response to victims of hurricane in Central America and Mexico

13 Nov 2020

At a Christmas concert in Panama, refugees are the guests of honour

Having fled Venezuela, Panama Philharmonic Orchestra director Víctor Mata brings holiday cheer to refugees and asylum-seekers.

24 Dec 2019

UNHCR welcomes commitment by Central American states and Mexico to address forced displacement

9 Nov 2019