'With this law, I will finally get a sense of how it is to exist'

A new statelessness determination procedure in Ukraine gives people without identity documents the right to work, study and access health care.

17 Jul 2020

UNHCR welcomes new Ukrainian statelessness law set to end legal limbo for thousands

17 Jul 2020

Sudanese mother wins citizenship for her children after seven-year legal struggle

Her victory comes on the heels of recent positive court rulings and paves the way for her children to continue their education, find work and belong to their country.

6 Mar 2020

Taking on traffickers at the world's largest refugee site

UNHCR works closely with Bangladesh authorities to protect vulnerable Rohingya refugees from abduction and human trafficking at Kutupalong refugee settlement.

2 Dec 2019

Colombia gives Venezuela newborns a start in life

New measure grants citizenship to the children born to Venezuelan parents on Colombia soil, helping thousands at risk of statelessness.

14 Oct 2019

New approach to refugee support is a 'game changer' - says UNHCR's Gillian Triggs

The UN Refugee Agency's new Assistant High Commissioner for Protection, says the Global Compact on Refugees marks 'end to business as usual', although challenges remain.

10 Oct 2019

Ensuring the rights of nomadic seafarers

A UNHCR-supported documentation programme seeks to assure indigenous Sama Bajau people can access education, health care and housing in the Philippines.

25 Sep 2019

Documentation drive targets excluded Côte d'Ivoire villagers

A successful campaign encourages rural inhabitants at risk of statelessness to sign up to obtain documents allowing them to participate in national life.

22 May 2019

Registration gives many Rohingya refugees identification for the first time

More than 270,000 stateless refugees from Myanmar provided with identity cards in an ongoing registration drive.

17 May 2019