Performers with refugee backgrounds take Eurovision by storm

Singers with refugee backgrounds are representing Sweden and Russia at this year's contest, while a ballet dancer, based in the Netherlands, performed during an interval.

21 May 2021

'It was a very emotional moment … I felt that now I definitely exist'

After a lifetime of statelessness, Linda finally gained Russian citizenship in 2018. But hundreds of thousands of others across Europe still struggle to attain that basic right.

18 Nov 2020

Citizenship opens new world for stateless man from Georgia

After decades of frustration and broken dreams, Jirair has finally been recognized as a citizen of the country where he was born.

12 Feb 2018

After 23 years, still hoping for a better future

To ensure the voices of internally displaced people on voluntary return and other long-term solutions be heard, UNHCR commissioned an Intentions Survey among IDPs in Georgia.

30 Jun 2015

Statelessness: Young Georgian mother breaks a cycle of suffering

Olga feared that her baby son would become the third generation of her family living at the margins of society. But with UNHCR's help she has her life back and a future.

8 May 2015

Ukraine internal displacement nears 1 million as fighting escalates in Donetsk region

Ukraine puts the number of registered IDPs at 980,000. Also, 600,000 Ukrainians have sought asylum or other forms of legal stay in neighbouring countries.

6 Feb 2015

A warm welcome for displaced Ukrainians in Russia's Rostov region

Widow Lidia receives a small amount of money from the government to compensate for helping two families, but acts above all out of a sense of solidarity and humanitarianism.

31 Oct 2014

Russia speeds up asylum procedures as Ukrainian influx continues

Some 300 Ukrainians arrive daily in St. Petersburg. Recent legal changes allow for a simpler and faster procedure for asylum processing and for medical screening.

21 Aug 2014

Ukrainians in Russia worry about their future

Some 800 Ukrainians have sought shelter in Russia's North Ossetia region as they wait to see what happens across the border. They worry about whether to return.

11 Aug 2014