Syrian refugees profoundly hit by COVID-19 economic downturn

16 Jun 2020

After 9 years of tragedy, resilience and solidarity, the world must not forget displaced Syrians

10 Mar 2020

Refugees in Egypt pitch in to fight plastic pollution in the Nile

Working alongside locals, refugees from five countries help remove tonnes of plastic waste from Cairo's shores while building links to the local community.

11 Jul 2019

Syrian director unites refugees and locals through drama

Theatre director Bassem uses acting classes to offer safe space for young refugees and locals in Alexandria, building their self-confidence and a sense of community.

26 Jun 2019

Syrian entrepreneur brings a taste of Damascus to Egypt

Syrian refugee's story shows how the craft of sweet making learned in Damascus can translate into a thriving business in Cairo – one sticky treat at a time.

27 May 2019

UNHCR urges critical support for refugees in Egypt

28 Feb 2019

Funding gap leaves refugees in Egypt struggling to cope

Syrian refugee Abdallah left school aged 12 to support his destitute family, and UNHCR warns that more refugees face ruin without urgent increase in funding.

28 Feb 2019

Once his only option, running is now Somali refugee's passion

Inspired by Olympic champion Mo Farah, Guled joined a running club in his adopted Cairo and began chasing his dreams.

5 Feb 2019

Resettlement a final hope for quadriplegic Syrian siblings

Seeking solutions for the most vulnerable, resettlement would offer refugees Wafika and Taha level of care not available to them in Egypt while freeing up resources for others in need

1 Feb 2019