Q&A: Japanese clothing retail giant helps refugees in unique ways

Senior UNIQLO executive Yukihiro Nitta discusses how the Japanese garments enterprise is helping refugees in cooperation with UNHCR.

18 Jan 2012

UNHCR shines a beacon of hope on a devastated corner of Japan

Some 10,000 people who lost their homes to Japan's devastating earthquake and tsunami benefit from UNHCR solar lamps for their temporary shelter.

1 Apr 2011

Japan: First Myanmar refugees arrive for resettlement

28 Sep 2010

Welcome to Japan: first Asian country joins UNHCR's resettlement programme

From the jungles of Thailand to the bright lights of Tokyo, the first of 90 Myanmar refugees begin their new life in Japan under a pilot resettlement programme.

28 Sep 2010

Sudanese refugees find fame in Japan, raise money for education in Africa

An on-line music contest is raising Japanese awareness of refugee issues, and money for Dadaab refugee camp.

26 Jul 2010

Teaching safety with angry mobs, bullets and minefields

Training organized by the UNHCR eCentre in Tokyo prepares humanitarian workers for the challenges of operating in dangerous environments.

14 Jul 2010

Thailand: Japan selecting first Myanmar refugees for resettlement

2 Feb 2010

Millions of Japanese expected to tune in to TV drama about UNHCR

Japanese national TV broadcaster NHK will air a new romantic drama over the next five weeks that also raises awareness about UNHCR and refugees.

27 May 2009

UNHCR protection chief applauds Japan and South Korea, asks them to be better Asian role models

On visits to two Asian countries, top UNHCR official Erika Feller highlights achievements, challenges in protecting asylum-seekers and refugees.

18 May 2009