Taking forward the UN Secretary-General's Action Agenda on Internal Displacement

Joint Statement by the Principals of DCO, IOM, OCHA, UNDP and UNHCR

24 Jun 2022

UN chief urges greater solidarity with Mosul displaced

On a visit to Hasansham camp in northern Iraq, Secretary-General António Guterres says the international community needs to step up its response.

31 Mar 2017

UN chief says aid for Syrian refugees is in global interest

On visit to Jordan, Secretary General António Guterres warns that failure to address Syria crisis risks playing into hands of extremist groups.

28 Mar 2017

UN Secretary General says more help needed for Syrian refugees

Ban Ki-moon joins UN High Commissioner for Refugees Filippo Grandi at a one-day conference in Geneva to call for more options for 4.8 million Syrian refugees.

30 Mar 2016

UN chief Ban Ki-moon lauds Somali refugees in Dadaab camp

During a tour of Ifo 2 camp, the UN chief calls the situation in the Dadaab refugee complex a man-made tragedy that would never have happened had leaders listened more to their people.

30 Oct 2014

UN chief urges more action to tackle displacement; recalls youth on the run in wartime Korea

The UN's Ban Ki-moon says greater resources and more political leadership are needed to address, prevent forced displacement and support solutions.

1 Oct 2014

UNHCR's governing ExCom renews commitment to Africa's refugees

ExCom also expressed concern about the spiral of violence and displacement, and commended African communities for their hospitality and solidarity with millions.

30 Sep 2014

With displacement at a record high, UNHCR urges rethink of global humanitarian financing

In the past 12 months, UNHCR and its partners have contended with five full-blown humanitarian crises, requiring 670 new emergency staff deployments.

30 Sep 2014

UN Refugee Chief warns against overlooking humanitarian crises in Africa

The head of the UN Refugee agency issues a stark warning against overlooking humanitarian crises in Africa, as a high level meeting on refugees in Africa gets underway, at UNHCR's ExCom.

29 Sep 2014