As COVID-19 rages, Mexican firm steps up to save lives

Partly staffed by refugees, storied appliance maker Mabe turns its production to safeguarding Latin America's first responders.

16 Oct 2020

Personal tragedy drives Honduran social worker's fight against gang violence

Gangs prey upon vulnerable youths. But a man whose family was devastated by these criminal organizations is drawing on his past to provide youths with an alternative.

12 Aug 2020

Forests in Guatemala find new guardians: refugees

As rangers in some of Central America's most biodiverse national parks, refugees and asylum-seekers get a fresh start while protecting threatened plant and animal species.

5 Jun 2020

Honduran family starts new life across the country, but terror is never far

Hounded by gangs, the family was among hundreds of thousands of internally displaced people on the run within this small Central American nation.

15 May 2020

Central America's displacement crisis aggravated by COVID-19

15 May 2020

Refugee children hard hit by coronavirus school closures

Going to school was already a daily challenge for many displaced children around the world. Now there are fears some may not return after COVID-19 lockdowns lift.

11 May 2020

Despite pandemic restrictions, people fleeing violence and persecution continue to seek asylum in Mexico

28 Apr 2020

Death threats drive refugees to flee coronavirus lockdown

For many Central Americans who find themselves targeted by brutal street gangs, fleeing is the only option, even during the COVID-19 outbreak.

28 Apr 2020

UNHCR welcomes commitment by Central American states and Mexico to address forced displacement

9 Nov 2019