As COVID-19 rages, Mexican firm steps up to save lives

Partly staffed by refugees, storied appliance maker Mabe turns its production to safeguarding Latin America's first responders.

16 Oct 2020

Nicaraguan refugee heals wounds of persecution in Costa Rica

For Catalina, seeking medical care in Nicaragua was too risky. In Costa Rica it was unaffordable – until she became one of 6,000 refugees given access to the public health care system.

25 Aug 2020

UNHCR calls on Poland to ensure access for people seeking asylum

24 Jul 2020

Forests in Guatemala find new guardians: refugees

As rangers in some of Central America's most biodiverse national parks, refugees and asylum-seekers get a fresh start while protecting threatened plant and animal species.

5 Jun 2020

Syrian refugee finds safe harbour in Hamburg

Syrian who fled to Germany as a refugee is now pursuing a dream career at one of Europe's biggest ports.

18 Feb 2020

Innovative programme helps lift Venezuelan refugees out of poverty

Training, mentorship in entrepreneurship and seed money help Venezuelans who lost everything start over in Ecuador.

3 Jan 2020

Relocation flights give Venezuelans a new lease on life in Brazil

By flying thousands of Venezuelans out of a remote Amazonian state to cities with better job prospects, an 'interiorization' programme helps refugees get off to a fresh start.

27 Dec 2019

At a Christmas concert in Panama, refugees are the guests of honour

Having fled Venezuela, Panama Philharmonic Orchestra director Víctor Mata brings holiday cheer to refugees and asylum-seekers.

24 Dec 2019

Refugees get traction in Germany's auto industry

A programme by Volkswagen offers refugees a path to a permanent job at the world's largest auto maker.

12 Dec 2019