Refugee survivors of sexual abuse find help in Rwanda

Rescued from Libyan detention centres and evacuated to Rwanda, survivors of horrific torture and rape are receiving the help they need to start to heal.

29 Jul 2020

After 9 years of tragedy, resilience and solidarity, the world must not forget displaced Syrians

10 Mar 2020

People displaced in eastern DRC face widespread human rights violations

12 Nov 2019

On a trek to safety, Somalis risk all in Libya

UNHCR seeks US$210 million to help refugees risking death, rape, arbitrary detention, forced labour and starvation as they travel towards the Mediterranean.

26 Jun 2019

UNHCR reaffirms its commitment to Age, Gender and Diversity (AGD)

UN Refugee Agency announces updated policy on AGD issues in all aspects of its work.

8 Mar 2018

Statement by Filippo Grandi, United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees, to mark International Women's Day

8 Mar 2018

Guatemalan network welcomes those fleeing gang violence

Deputy High Commissioner hails shelters that provide protection for the most vulnerable people on the move in Central America.

6 Mar 2018

Women report sexual abuse fears at Greek reception centres

UNHCR particularly worried about the situation at overcrowded centres on the Aegean islands of Lesvos and Samos.

9 Feb 2018

Male rape and sexual torture widespread in Syria crisis - report

A UNHCR study finds rape, torture and sexual exploitation of men and boys may be far more common both within and outside Syria than previously believed.

6 Dec 2017