Nicaraguans strive to support themselves in exile in Costa Rica

During a visit, UNHCR chief Filippo Grandi says economic inclusion is key to the success of both asylum-seekers and their host communities.

12 Feb 2021

UN High Commissioner for Refugees commends Costa Rica for commitment to those forced to flee

12 Feb 2021

UNHCR welcomes expansion of Guatemala's asylum capacity

10 Feb 2021

Central America and Mexico reaffirm commitment to address the needs of hundreds of thousands forced to flee

MIRPS countries commit to continue advancing effective responses to forced displacement in Central America during their third annual meeting.

8 Dec 2020

How climate change is multiplying risks for displacement

Global heating is compounding threats for people already living with conflict and insecurity, further driving displacement around the world.

2 Dec 2020

UNHCR joins response to victims of hurricane in Central America and Mexico

13 Nov 2020

Hardships multiply for older refugees amid COVID-19 pandemic

Physical decline, deepening economic hardship and isolation make life tougher for older people, who comprise four per cent of the forcibly displaced population worldwide.

1 Oct 2020

COVID-19 driving Nicaraguan refugees to hunger and desperation

28 Aug 2020

Nicaraguan refugee heals wounds of persecution in Costa Rica

For Catalina, seeking medical care in Nicaragua was too risky. In Costa Rica it was unaffordable – until she became one of 6,000 refugees given access to the public health care system.

25 Aug 2020