COVID crisis offers lesson on climate response for refugees

Global response to the COVID-19 pandemic offers insights on how to mitigate the impact of climate change on displaced populations, says UNHCR's Gillian Triggs.

2 Dec 2020

Twin scourges COVID-19 and climate change threaten world's displaced and stateless

2 Dec 2020

How climate change is multiplying risks for displacement

Global heating is compounding threats for people already living with conflict and insecurity, further driving displacement around the world.

2 Dec 2020

Child-trafficking in Mali increasing because of conflict and COVID-19

Armed groups in Mali trafficking children for labour in gold mines, using profits to enrich combatants, fuel the arms trade and finance the violence.

1 Dec 2020

Humanitarian access urgently needed to reach civilians, Eritrean refugees in Tigray

1 Dec 2020

Nearly 40 million at heightened risk of violence, discrimination and rights abuses as COVID spawns a 'coping crisis'

Study reveals a severe deterioration in international efforts to protect the world's most vulnerable, with human rights violations on the rise.

30 Nov 2020

'Climate change is the defining crisis of our time and it particularly impacts the displaced'

UNHCR's Special Advisor on Climate Action, Andrew Harper, outlines how global warming is driving displacement, and why decisive action is vital now.

30 Nov 2020

UNHCR chief calls for support for Sudan as it hosts Ethiopia refugees

Filippo Grandi also launches an appeal for nearly US$150 million to help the government of Sudan look after the refugees.

29 Nov 2020

UN High Commissioner for Refugees visits Sudan as new refugee arrivals cross 43,000

27 Nov 2020