'You could see the happiness on their faces'

A programme underway to relocate 1,600 unaccompanied children from the Greek Islands is already transforming lives.

25 Aug 2020

UNHCR, UNICEF and IOM urge European states to boost education for refugee and migrant children

Key challenges include lack of school spaces, teachers not adequately trained, language barriers and limited access to psychosocial support

11 Sep 2019

French village sets an example of how to welcome refugees

For four months, residents and volunteers in Pessat-Villeneuve in central France have been helping 60 evacuees from Africa build new lives.

28 Jan 2019

Eritrean minors reunited with mother after eight-year odyssey

Kedija, 15, and Yonas, 12, survived kidnapping, detention, and a failed sea crossing before finally rejoining their mother in Switzerland.

24 Jan 2019

Refugees help French town to victory in cricket tournament

A French cricket team, which includes refugees and asylum-seekers, has won an international championship in France.

14 Nov 2018

Syrian duo teaches French schoolchildren how to get rapping

A workshop by the duo Refugees of Rap opens new horizons for pupils at a school in northern France.

29 Oct 2018

Retired French couple take Sudanese refugee into their home

Catherine and Jean-Pierre provided a haven of peace and safety for a young man traumatized by the horrors of the "Jungle".

19 Jun 2018

Afghan swaps hardship of the "Jungle" for suburbs of Paris

Weary of the problems in the notorious Calais camp, Shir Bahadar accepted a volunteer's offer to move into her apartment.

19 Jun 2018

Frenchman and Syrian bond over shared interest in cooking

A friend gave Lucien, a musician in his 50s, the idea of taking in a refugee. They quickly found they enjoyed discovering new dishes together.

19 Jun 2018