Brazil field hospital a life saver for indigenous stricken by COVID-19

Native people are among the hardest hit by coronavirus. A field hospital in Boa Vista is helping save their lives.

8 Aug 2020

UNHCR expands support to refugees and host communities in Brazil as COVID-19 takes its toll

24 Jul 2020

Indigenous refugees battle Coronavirus in Latin America

19 May 2020

Coronavirus threatens indigenous Venezuelans seeking safety in Brazil

COVID-19 has hit the Brazilian Amazon particularly hard, exposing highly vulnerable native people from Venezuela to the potentially deadly disease.

19 May 2020

Rohingya man's mission to reunite parents with their lost children now a new film

Documentary by award-winning director follows a refugee dedicated to bringing shattered families back together in Bangladesh.

12 Nov 2019

Indigenous people from Venezuela seek safety across the border in Brazil

After violence broke out in their native Venezuela, hundreds of members of the Pemon indigenous group fled to a village across the border in Brazil.

9 Aug 2019

Hunger, despair drive indigenous groups to leave Venezuela

With medicine and food scarce at home, indigenous Warao and Wayúu peoples are abandoning their lands to seek refuge in Brazil and Colombia.

7 Aug 2018

Registration drive brings indigenous families out of the shadows

A joint registration campaign by Costa Rica and Panama is helping thousands of Ngäbe-Buglé at risk of statelessness to gain access to health care and education.

29 Jan 2018

Driven from their lands, Colombia's Awá struggle to survive

Indigenous community uprooted by the armed conflict face a precarious future.

26 Dec 2017