Irish Somali woman steps up campaign against female genital mutilation

Ifrah Ahmed's fight against FGM has taken on a new urgency during the COVID-19 pandemic.

5 Aug 2021

UNHCR welcomes Iceland's decision to join global efforts to end statelessness

29 Jan 2021

UNHCR, UNICEF and IOM urge European states to boost education for refugee and migrant children

Key challenges include lack of school spaces, teachers not adequately trained, language barriers and limited access to psychosocial support

11 Sep 2019

Irish woman sets up community programme to help refugees

An Irish woman pilots the country's first sponsorship programme to help welcome refugees into the community in her small town.

6 Mar 2019

Syrian farmers get back to the land in Ireland

A social farming initiative gives Syrian refugee farmers the chance to work and exchange skills.

24 Jan 2019

Syrian and Irish teenagers pull together on sailing course

Young refugees and Irish teens have spent a week together at sea, learning to sail a 70-foot schooner.

14 Sep 2017

Rohingya refugees lead unlikely cricket revival in Ireland

In the refugee camps of Bangladesh, many young Rohingya developed a love of cricket. Now resettled to Ireland, they are thrilled to be back on the pitch.

9 Aug 2016

UNHCR chief Guterres signs funding agreement with Ireland

Ireland pledges continued financial support to UNHCR under a new two-year funding agreement signed in Dublin with the refugee agency's chief.

5 Feb 2009

UNHCR backs new Irish campaign against people smuggling

UNHCR gives its support to a campaign by the Irish police and justice ministry to raise awareness about the trafficking of human beings.

24 Oct 2008