UNHCR helps a child in Gjakovë/Đakovica to be able to attend school

A voluntary returnee family from Montenegro in front of the newly built house in Gjakova/Ðakovica. UNHCR provided to returnee families from Montenegro with food rations, blankets, non-food and hygienic items in coordination with the Municipality of Gjakova/Ðakovica.

“Arben nowadays goes more often in the yard and plays with the children of the same age. We are happy that he will start school next month.”

It was Shpejtim, Arben’s father who told this to UNHCR, the UN Refugee Agency staff during a visit to this family in Gjakovë.

“We have difficulty to earn for living and the support that UNHCR has provided for the medical treatment of our son was very important,”said Shpejtim.

There are five members in the family and Arben is the youngest. He was born with an anomaly on his lips for which, a surgery was needed. Shpejtim said: ”I don’t have a permanent job and I earn occasionally by collecting cans, so I didn’t have money for the medical treatment of my son.”

Although Shpejtim is young, in his forties, and his wife is young too, they have difficulties to make ends meet.

Shpejtim and his family has no property, so they are paying the rent for the house in which they are staying. The house was small. We sat in a dining room that had few furniture, two sofas and kitchen stuff. His father was afraid that Arben will not be able to attend school because of his birth anomaly.

Arben’s mother was very thankful to UNHCR’s support and she said:“Arben had difficulties also in eating, but after the surgery he doesn’t have that problem anymore”.

Arben is a blissful child and he liked to be photographed with his family. Now, he feels fine.

UNHCR’s field unit in Pejë/Peć (the staff members, Fehmi and Andi, and a former colleague Burim) visited the family few times. They continue to visit them and see how they are doing.