• UNHCR in Albania has a Field Unit at the southern border to monitor border trends, promote coordination among relevant actors and improve identification and referrals of asylum seekers with specific needs in the context of mixed migration flows. UNHCR and its partners support the Border and Migration Police to ensure that pre-screening at the border is done with sufficient safeguards.
  • UNHCR supports the government and leads the UNCT on contingency preparedness.


  • UNHCR in Albania provides support to the National Reception Centre for Asylum Seekers in Tirana, with provision of services and material support. The capacity of the National Asylum Centre was doubled in 2017. The project was a result of a partnership between UNHCR and UNDP and was funded by the EU Commission. In cooperation with the Municipality of Gjirokastra and Border and Migration Police UNHCR has increased the reception capacity at the border areas, with a differentiated approach for vulnerable categories. Caritas Albania has made available additional reception capacity for 120 persons at the northern border.


  • UNHCR in Albania regularly consults with refugees and asylum seekers on their integration prospects and needs. UNHCR partners provide Albanian language courses, vocational training and support to access the labour market. In addition, UNHCR is working with Ministry of Interior to promote naturalization of refugees who fulfil the criteria.