Call for Expression of Interest for “UNHCR Slovakia Multi Year Strategy for 2024-2026”


Existing or prospective partner NGOs (non-governmental organizations and other non-profit entities), preferably national NGOs, that wish to participate in a UNHCR-led operation and contribute with complementary resources (human resources, knowledge, funds, in-kind) for achieving common and agreed objectives by undertaking a Partnership Agreement.


Interested organizations are required to register on the UN Partner Portal (UNPP).

Organizations who have already registered in the UN Partner Portal shall ensure that their profiles are fully completed/updated and relevant documents uploaded accordingly (inter alia HR, Procurement, anti-fraud, Code of Conduct and other internal controls and governance documents).

For more information on UNHCR’s Partnerships as well as guidance on navigating the UN Partner Portal, please visit the UNPP Resource Library and/or the following link UNPP Quick Guides.


30 August 2023 Deadline for the submission of Queries via UN Partner Portal

5 September 2023 Answers to Queries published

18 September 2023 23:59 CET Deadline of submission

25 October 2023 Communication of decisions


For a brief description and background of the project’s goals and operational context, as well as selection criteria and submission requirements, please see/download the following Annexes from the UN Partner Portal (UN PartnerPortal CEI): 

  • Annex A: Call for Expression of Interest
  • Annex B: Concept Note template and Appendix IPartner Declaration
  • Annex C: Budget template
  • Annex D: PSEA Self-Assessment form
  • Annex E: Partner Procurement Self-AssessmentChecklist
  • Annex F: Query form
  • Submission Guidance and FAQ


To ensure a fair and transparent process, no submissions to UNHCR individual e-mail addresses will be accepted


For questions on registration/log in to the Partner Portal and technical support on submitting your proposal via the Partner Portal please contact the UN Partner Portal Helpdesk.


Only full and duly signed submissions (i.e.  Annex B – Concept Note template, Annex C – Budget Plan, Annex D – Prevention of Sexual Exploitation and Abuse (PSEA) Self-Assessment Form and Annex E – Procurement Assessment Form) submitted through the UN Partner Portal will be accepted for review.