Statelessness: teaching materials ages 12-15

UNHCR's video material for this age group tells the story of a stateless child of the same age as the pupils through discussion of familiar and relevant topics such as their home life, hobbies, toys, school life and future dreams. 

Students in this age range are encouraged to move their understanding from classroom into the practical realm of their lives. 

Words matter  

Understanding statelessness begins with understanding a few basics. The word “stateless” is often misunderstood and covers a very complex phenomenon with complex causes. Stateless people are sometimes also confused with refugees, but they are not the same, and stateless people can also be refugees.  

Watch these explainer animations as a preparation for your lesson and to teach your pupils. Choose which sections you need and download them as you like to compose your own instructional package. 

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Giorgi's story 

Giorgi and his mother Madona live in Georgia. For years, Giorgi could not go to school because he was stateless and had no identity papers to enrol in his school. So he studied at home by himself, and helped his mother out. Giorgi did get his documents eventually. He is now enjoying school. 

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