Refugees get traction in Germany's auto industry

A programme by Volkswagen offers refugees a path to a permanent job at the world's largest auto maker.

12 Dec 2019

Afghan woman breaks barriers to heal Pakistan's poor

Having grown up in a Turkmen refugee community without easy access to education, Saleema has beaten the odds by becoming a doctor.

11 Dec 2019

Clean water brings life, and hope, to refugees and hosts in Uganda

A solar-powered water facility is saving lives in refugee settlements and host communities that previously suffered shortages.

10 Dec 2019

Afghan children learn side by side with Iranian peers

An exemplary policy in Iran lets Afghan children attend public school, whether they are registered refugees, passport holders or even undocumented.

10 Dec 2019

Asylum-seeker in Greece speaks out about the violence that upended her life

On her way home from work, a woman in Cameroon was attacked and raped by a pack of strangers. Now seeking asylum in Greece, she is raising her voice to help others.

10 Dec 2019

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10 Dec 2019

Cash assistance gives refugees the power of choice

UNHCR is expanding cash-based assistance so that the millions of people that it serves can meet their needs in dignity, are protected and can become more resilient.

9 Dec 2019

Turkey scholarship lets star Syrian student pursue dentistry dream

After fleeing Aleppo in 2013, Sidra's dream of studying dentistry became a reality thanks to her own determination and Turkey's support for refugee higher education.

8 Dec 2019

US producer helps Syrian singer give voice to her dreams

An American music producer has traveled to Lebanon to record an album with refugees, giving them a platform to share their feelings and experiences.

6 Dec 2019