Striving to protect vulnerable Venezuelan children

Venezuelan children reaching Colombia are often susceptible to assault and are frequently underweight.

20 Nov 2018

New clinic and schools save lives and build futures in Zambia

Refugees and their hosts are sharing services as part of a new approach in Zambia.

19 Nov 2018

MIT workshop teaches refugee children joys of digital design

Teenaged asylum-seekers in Athens are hooked on classes that show them how to use technology to express their creativity.

16 Nov 2018

Venezuelan asylum-seekers strengthen Brazil's workforce

An innovative voluntary relocation programme helps Venezuelans and their hosts thrive in cities like São Paulo and Brasilia.

16 Nov 2018

Statelessness robs two men of normal lives in Croatia

Two citizens of former Yugoslavia found themselves stateless in Croatia after a series of bureaucratic mishaps.

13 Nov 2018

Fashion stardom beckons for Somali refugee in Hungary

A new documentary tracks Kafia Mahdi's path from child refugee to in-demand model.

8 Nov 2018

'I know what it is like. I tell them: Please don't give up'

UNHCR has more than 11,500 staff. Meet Oleksandra Lytvynenko, who uses her own experience of displacement to help those uprooted by conflict in Ukraine.

8 Nov 2018

Polish city gives Syrian poet peace and space to speak out

Poet Kholoud Charaf is using a two-year residency in Kraków to highlight the suffering of those forced to flee the conflict in her homeland.

30 Oct 2018

Syrian duo teaches French schoolchildren how to get rapping

A workshop by the duo Refugees of Rap opens new horizons for pupils at a school in northern France.

29 Oct 2018