New exhibition in Venice explores the experience of refugees

Rothko in Lampedusa showcases work by artists such as Ai Weiwei and those of five emerging artists from Syria, Iran, Iraq, Ivory Coast and Somalia who are refugees.

11 May 2019

Syrian family embrace their homing instinct

Displaced inside their country since 2012, a young family return home to find their old neighbourhood in ruins. Now they are striving to put their lives back together.

10 May 2019

Cattle herders face a life in limbo in Côte d'Ivoire

The Fula are pastoralists who have long lived in the country, but almost all are at risk of statelessness.

9 May 2019

Venezuelans on the run find respite in Ecuador hostel

Over 8,000 Venezuelan refugees and migrants have slept at Carmen Carcelén's hostel. Her hospitality has enticed many to stay in El Juncal.

6 May 2019

Syrian software developer starts new life as Canadian skilled worker

After eight years in Lebanon, Mohammed Hakmi is the first refugee to arrive in Canada as a skilled worker under an innovative pilot program.

3 May 2019

UNHCR chief calls for solidarity with refugees in Ramadan

At the start of the holy month, Filippo Grandi asks us to remember almost 70 million people forcibly uprooted from their homes.

3 May 2019

UNHCR Ambassador Ben Stiller tells U.S. Congress: Syrian refugees still need support

2 May 2019

Nursing a city back to health in Mali

Jamilla Amadou was displaced from her home in Gao by conflict. Now she houses others who are displaced and nurses the sick in a city still struggling to recover.

1 May 2019

Rohingya youth spearhead project to foster mental health

Asking for help was once taboo, but young refugee volunteers in Bangladesh are showing their peers how speak up about their worries and sadnesses.

27 Apr 2019