Nicaraguan refugee heals wounds of persecution in Costa Rica

For Catalina, seeking medical care in Nicaragua was too risky. In Costa Rica it was unaffordable – until she became one of 6,000 refugees given access to the public health care system.

25 Aug 2020

'You could see the happiness on their faces'

A programme underway to relocate 1,600 unaccompanied children from the Greek Islands is already transforming lives.

25 Aug 2020

'We all miss home, but we cannot go back to the same fear'

Three years after she fled to Bangladesh, Rohingya refugee Nur Ayna shares her memories of Myanmar, experiences in exile, and hopes for the future.

21 Aug 2020

UN refugee chief pledges support for people of Beirut on visit to city

UNHCR is working to help those affected by the 4 August explosion, including local Lebanese and refugees, Grandi says after meeting families impacted by blast.

20 Aug 2020

'I like the responsibility and I'm happy to be able to give back'

UNHCR has more than 17,300 staff, most of whom are based in the field. Meet Luis Jose Faife, a driver in Mozambique.

20 Aug 2020

UNHCR chief praises aid workers battling multiple crises

On World Humanitarian Day, Filippo Grandi honours the 'depth of commitment' to a role made 'significantly harder' by COVID-19.

19 Aug 2020

UNHCR mobilizes aid for Beirut in aftermath of deadly blast

Agency channels US$35 million in emergency funds to worst-affected by explosion, focusing on shelter and protection needs among Lebanese, refugees and migrants.

16 Aug 2020

Food aid offers lifeline to refugees under curfew in Libya

Amid soaring food prices and lack of casual work due to COVID-19 restrictions, joint UNHCR and WFP food aid prevents vulnerable refugees from going hungry.

13 Aug 2020

Personal tragedy drives Honduran social worker's fight against gang violence

Gangs prey upon vulnerable youths. But a man whose family was devastated by these criminal organizations is drawing on his past to provide youths with an alternative.

12 Aug 2020