Resolving displacement critical for regional, international stability - UN refugee chief

As forced displacement tops 79.5 million, Filippo Grandi urges UN Security Council to use its authority seek peace and inclusion for the displaced.

18 Jun 2020

Global forced displacement vastly more widespread in 2019

UNHCR's annual Global Trends report finds more people are fleeing war, conflict and persecution worldwide. For many, rebuilding their lives remains out of reach.

18 Jun 2020

Young Ivorian artist designs 2020 World Refugee Day emoji

Graphic designer O'Plérou made world headlines with 365 emojis that change the way people see Africa. Now he has turned his creative spotlight onto refugees.

11 Jun 2020

South Sudanese refugees make tippy taps to promote hygiene in DRC camps

A simple yet effective hygiene initiative is helping refugees make their own handwashing devices to fight COVID-19 in the Democratic Republic of the Congo.

10 Jun 2020

Restoring Sudan's forest cover, one tree at a time

Refugees and their hosts together plant one million trees in a massive reforestation drive in Sudan's White Nile State.

8 Jun 2020

Forests in Guatemala find new guardians: refugees

As rangers in some of Central America's most biodiverse national parks, refugees and asylum-seekers get a fresh start while protecting threatened plant and animal species.

5 Jun 2020

Syrian electrician gets back on track at German rail network

German rail operator Deutsche Bahn's integration programme offers refugees a chance of permanent employment and also fills a gap in the labour market.

3 Jun 2020

For Yemenis on the brink, aid funding gap spells disaster

Already the world's worst humanitarian crisis after years of conflict and mass displacement, aid cuts due to lack of funds and arrival of COVID-19 put millions of lives at risk.

2 Jun 2020

Winter threatens Venezuelans unprepared for the cold

As chilly weather steals over South America, vulnerable Venezuelan refugees and migrants brace for added hardship.

29 May 2020