New shelter eases monsoon threat for young Rohingya family

After fleeing for their lives to the world's largest refugee settlement, young parents lived in fear of heavy rains and landslides before move to new home on stilts.

3 Mar 2020

Refugee pushes through pain to make history in Tokyo Marathon

Despite battling cramp and fatigue, first ever refugee athlete to compete as an elite runner in the Tokyo Marathon crosses the finish line to win hearts and minds.

1 Mar 2020

Syrian entrepreneur finds her niche in Berlin, catering to a hungry city

She came to Germany as a refugee. Now her firm is bringing Syrian food to high-tech clients like Facebook and Cisco.

27 Feb 2020

Football star Salah scores goal as first Ambassador for Instant Network Schools

The programme developed by UNHCR and Vodafone Foundation aims to give refugee and host country students access to high-quality digital education.

26 Feb 2020

Barobi Family Makeover: New home offers new hope for Congolese family

American reality TV series, HGTV's "Extreme Makeover: Home Edition," helps a community build a dream home so a family can build its future.

21 Feb 2020

Vulnerable asylum-seekers struggle to access medical care on overcrowded Greek islands

With more than 18,000 people now living at a site built for 2,200, UNHCR urges Greek authorities to take emergency steps to improve conditions at Moria reception centre.

21 Feb 2020

Ethiopian refugees in Kenya make an emotional return home

Dozens of refugees return home to eastern Ethiopia from Kenya's Kakuma camp.

21 Feb 2020

Syrian refugee finds safe harbour in Hamburg

Syrian who fled to Germany as a refugee is now pursuing a dream career at one of Europe's biggest ports.

18 Feb 2020

World must act and deliver for Afghan refugees, says UN chief

At the Refugee Summit in Islamabad, leaders celebrated the enduring generosity of Pakistan and Iran in hosting Afghans – and urged other nations to do more to sustain them.

17 Feb 2020