Eritrean teen finds harmony after desperate journey to Europe

After fleeing home, 16-year-old Kokob found solace in music and safety in Europe.

3 Sep 2018

Volker Türk explains the global compact on refugees

UNHCR protection head details how a new deal for refugees will help both refugees and host communities

30 Aug 2018

Cash assistance gives refugees the power of choice

UNHCR is expanding cash-based assistance so that the millions of people that it serves can meet their needs in dignity, are protected and can become more resilient.

28 Aug 2018

Community radio keeps Rohingya refugees connected

Meet Abdullah, a one-man radio show who keeps refugees at Kutupalong settlement in Bangladesh informed on issues that affect them.

28 Aug 2018

For displaced Yemenis, 'eco huts' provide shelter from the elements

Housing built from mud, dung and grass have given shelter from rain and summer heat for thousands of families in Abs.

23 Aug 2018

Puppet show teaches Syrian refugee kids their heritage

Syrian refugee Jassem uses puppets to bring country's rich heritage to life for young refugees in Lebanon, many of whom have no memory of home.

22 Aug 2018

'You can't always save a life, but you can give comfort'

UNHCR has more than 11,500 staff, most of whom are based in the field. Meet medical doctor Taimur Hasan, who works in public health in Bangladesh.

22 Aug 2018

'Right now, despite the danger, South Sudan is where I belong'

Most of UNHCR's staff are based in the field. Meet Eujin Byun, a communications officer in South Sudan, one of the world's least safe countries for humanitarians.

17 Aug 2018

Lebanon eases birth registration rules for Syrian refugees

New rules remove need for costly court process for unregistered births, easing access to education, health and other services for more than 50,000 children.

16 Aug 2018