"My plan always was to bring you here"

Nicaraguan father reunites family in Costa Rica.

12 Jul 2019

"I thought I was going to die"

Honduran accountant escapes kidnappers and finds safety in the United States.

12 Jul 2019

"With a suitcase full of hopes and dreams"

Salvadoran father strives to rebuild his life in Guatemala, far from his family.

12 Jul 2019

Refugees in Egypt pitch in to fight plastic pollution in the Nile

Working alongside locals, refugees from five countries help remove tonnes of plastic waste from Cairo's shores while building links to the local community.

11 Jul 2019

What is home? South Sudanese poet reflects on decades of flight and exile

South Sudanese writer uses experience of flight and exile to make poetry.

8 Jul 2019

Costa Rican schools open their doors to displaced Nicaraguan children

Thanks to the generosity of border towns in Costa Rica, thousands of Nicaraguan children fleeing social and political crisis at home have been able to go back to class.

5 Jul 2019

NGO partners more crucial than ever, says UN refugee chief

Filippo Grandi stresses vital advocacy role of non-governmental organizations at opening of annual consultation event with 300 partners in Geneva from July 3-5.

4 Jul 2019

Cate Blanchett reflects on her work with refugees in latest podcast episode

As the final guest of this season's Awake at Night podcast, the actor and Goodwill Ambassador describes the moments that have most affected her in her work with UNHCR.

1 Jul 2019

Attacks in north-east Congo force thousands to flee to Uganda

Congolese refugees crossing into Uganda speak of brutal attacks in the Democratic Republic of the Congo's Ituri province.

26 Jun 2019