Mobile teams make a difference in children’s lives

They travel long distances to reach the most vulnerable, they are the first on the ground to assess and intervene in the situation, they are from the community and serve the community – they are the mobile team.

“We are all affected by this crisis and I want to see children grow up in a safe environment with a smile,” said Shahd Eid, a mobile team member in Namaa organization one of UNHCR partners. Shahd and the rest of the team were working in Tal Shair village north rural Aleppo where they arranged a small child-friendly space so that children have an opportunity to play in a safe space.

“I want to see children grow up in a safe environment with a smile”

Over 200 children come to this child-friendly space to play games, listen to stories, watch cartoons and take part in other activities that support their well-being and help them have a proper childhood. “I became a mobile team member because I wanted to give back to my community and ease the suffering of others,” said Ahmad Youzfan while playing a game with the children who fled their houses seeking safety.








Many of the children in the child-friendly space in Tal Shair are from Afrin and they have some difficulties in interacting with the local children due to the language barrier, so Ahmad and the rest of the team ensure that all children can play together and interact without any challenges.





The mobile teams proved to be a successful tool in Syria, as many IDPs, returnees, and host communities have difficulties reaching the static facilities such as community centres due to security reasons, financial issues or lack of knowledge. The mobile teams have managed to provide community-based protection services to vulnerable Syrians in rural and urban areas and they can be deployed in new displacement and return situations helping UNHCR better assess protection needs and plan appropriate interventions.