Faces of Refugees in Syria

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Faces of refugees in Syria

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Abdullah, an Iraqi refugee living in Homs, Syria.

Abdullah, an Iraqi refugee living in Syria.

“One of Abdullah’s main concerns when he fled to Syria was the education of his children. “One of the problems we faced was registering our children at school,” he says

However, Abdullah asked about the process and finally he was able to register his children at school after ensuring they passed an exam to be placed.

As other refugees were having the same problem, Abdullah supported them to enroll their children at school as well.

“I think this as my duty and the duty of any person, who can provide something to his community and to the people of his country,” Abdullah says.

All of us have a role to play in our society. Refugees also can contribute to their community.

In Numbers

Refugees and Asylum-Seekers inside Syria

Source: UNHCR
20 June 2020

Internally Displaced inside Syria

Source: OCHA
20 June 2020

Displaced inside the world

Source: UNHCR
20 June 2020

Mary and her Husband Saeed, refugees from South Sudan. 

“Our dream was always to return to our country, but today even if we return home, we won’t find our family members there”,

—Mary, 50

Mary and her husband Saeed have fled the conflict in their country South Sudan seeking safety in Syria since more than two decades.

During the Syria crisis, the couple have endured the poor living conditions. Today, amid the impacts of the Coronavirus pandemic, they are facing different challenges to make ends meet.

“War and conflict continue to displace our people in South Sudan. We haven’t seen our family members for too many years ago. I don’t know where is my mother or my sister? I heard that my brother is living in a camp in Uganda.” says Mary.

Thousands of refugees mainly from Somalia, South Sudan, and Iraq are still living in Syria. They fled the fighting in their countries, seeking safety in Syria. Many of them have been living in Syria for over a decade where they found peace and stability. That is until the conflict brok out in Syria in 2011, and they found themselves caught up in the middle of the crisis with nowhere to go.