Fire incident at Mae La temporary shelter

Fire incident at Mae La temporary shelter

The fire erupted in Mae La temporary shelter (refugee camp) in Tak province in the evening of 09 February 2021.

UNHCR was informed that 79 houses had burned down or sustained damage due to the fire, affecting a total of 425 refugees. Together with its partners working in the camps on the Thai-Myanmar border, UNHCR is working tirelessly in coordination with the Thai authorities to support their response to the incident.

UNHCR staff are in the camp to support the police investigation by supporting with any interpretation needed between police and refugees. 

On 10 February, UNHCR supported Royal Thai Government-led efforts in coordination with partners by providing core relief items to refugees in the camp, including 179 tarpaulins, 281 blankets and sleeping mats, 562 bars of soap and 100 packs of sanitary pads and women’s underwear.

UNHCR is also coordinating with Ministry of Interior (MOI) on potentially supporting with the re-issuance of Household Registration Documents and birth certificates lost in fire. 

In addition to the core relief items provided to refugees, UNHCR also delivered 4,995 mosquito nets to the camp committee in Mae La for use by the refugee community.      

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