In 2016, H&M Foundation selected UNHCR to be the beneficiary of its global holiday campaign, to help refugee children receive the school supplies they need for school. The campaign ran in some 4,000 H&M stores in 47 markets worldwide, engaging H&M employees and customers to support refugee children with a variety of school supplies including textbooks, learning material and special education services and support for children living with disabilities. 

For every H&M gift card sold between 3 November and 31 December 2016, H&M Foundation made a donation to help UNHCR provide school supplies for refugee children in Africa, Asia and the Middle East, generating a total $3.3 million.

Supplies for these children are absolutely vital. In many locations, refugees are required to fund or contribute to the costs of learning materials. H&M Foundation’s support will help us fund these supplies which ensure that refugee children in countries around the world can get the most out of the classroom experience, and which in many cases can make the difference between children joining or not joining school.  

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UNHCR and H&M Foundation - School is a safe place for refugee children​

Greece. Refugees and migrants arrive in Lesvos.

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