Refugee education in crisis: More than half of the world's school-age refugee children do not get an education.

30 Aug 2019

Rohingya refugee beats the odds to get schooling in Malaysia

Denied access to the national education system, Shamshidah is among refugee children attending informal schools in Malaysia where refugees have no legal status.

12 Jun 2017

Braving bombs and bullets to stay in school in Yemen

With over two million children out of school in Yemen as a result of the conflict, UNHCR is helping refugee, displaced and local children to continue their studies.

2 May 2017

Syrian refugees face tough odds in quest for higher education

Despite the assistance of UNHCR's DAFI scholarship programme in Lebanon, Syrian refugees in higher education are the exception to the rule.

22 Mar 2017

Nansen Award winner turns girls' dreams into reality

2015 Nansen Refugee Award winner Aqeela Asifi expands her school in Pakistan, giving Afghan refugee girls access to secondary education for the first time.

12 Dec 2016

Young asylum-seekers spend summer break learning German

Seeking refuge from violence in Afghanistan, Iraq and Syria, they spent the summer months learning German, which may hold the key to a new life.

15 Sep 2016

Schools enrol more Syrian refugee children in Lebanon

UNHCR is working with its partners in Lebanon to expand educational opportunities for thousands of young refugees from neighbouring Syria.

7 Jul 2016

The Syrians starting over in Brazil

Hanan's family fled Syria to escape the war. Across the ocean in São Paulo, they have once again found happiness and hope.

24 Mar 2016

Aiming for the skies, refugee girl must first finish school

Determined South Sudanese refugee Nyahok, 13, dreams of becoming a pilot, but a lack of funding for education means her dreams may never take flight.

11 Feb 2016