Virtual Marathon Challenge

Will you go #TheExtraMile for refugees?

Refugees escaping violence, persecution and war, flee their homes for weeks, even months, to reach safety. Let’s take just a footstep in their shoes and make the journey together.

Take on the global virtual running challenge and make as many miles as you can in a month - set your own goal! It’s your challenge, so run it anywhereanytime, anyplace! Just remember to log your miles in. Or why not take on the challenge in a group, and walk, jog or run the distance together.

Let’s go the extra mile to provide lifesaving shelter to refugees after the long treacherous journey. Together we can ensure that every refugee family has somewhere safe to live.

Our goal of £50,000 will be enough to give over 300 refugee families a home away from home.

Go #TheExtraMile


Fundraiser Prizes:

Raise up to £149 to receive #TheExtraMile supporter certificate. You've gone the extra mile towards providing a refugee family with essential, lifesaving resources to start a new life.

Raise £150 - £500 to receive your supporter travel card wallet. You've gone the extra mile to provide at least 1 refugee family with a home away from home.

Raise over £500 to receive your UNHCR supporter t-shirt. You've gone the extra mile, and because of you at least 3 refugee families who have had to flee their home have been sheltered.