UNHCR Teachers' Toolkit in German for 6 to 9 year olds

This education package contains the German version of the teaching materials on UNHCR's Teachers' Toolkit web pages.

Teaching materials are focused on building socio-emotional skills in the classroom with the aim of allowing students and teachers to co-create a peaceful classroom environment where children are able to celebrate their differences.

The activities are linked as much as possible to the experiences of children themselves and what their home life is like.

Any video and audio materials used for this age group should tell stories of a refugee child of the same age as the pupils through discussion of upbeat, familiar and relevant topics such as home-life, hobbies, toys, new school life and future dreams.

Materials available in German

Main curriculum about refugees, asylum and migration

This main curriculum for children aged 6 -9 focuses on building socio-emotional skills and facilitating peer relationships, celebrating diversity, understanding new arrivals in the classroom, as well as creating a peaceful environment in the classroom.

Integrating teaching about refugees, asylum and migration in your class activities 

This module contains guidance and ideas on how to introduce the topic in various settings in your classroom.

Activity guide for 6-9 year olds

This practical guide contains some suggestions for class activities.

Guidance for inclusion of refugees in your classroom 

Teaching newcomers often comes with specific needs relating to language acquisition and adaptation to a new culture and environment. Some refugee children may suffer from stress or trauma preventing them from participating fully in school activities, and requiring specific support.

UNHCR has developed some professional guidance materials for primary and secondary schools teachers on including refugees in your classroom. The materials below are avaialble in Dutch.

Age groups

These teaching materials are designed specifically for children in lower primary, ages 6-9.


All the materials linked are available in German.

The English versions and French versions are also available on UNHCR website.

How to order

All available UNHCR teaching materials in German can be dowloaded for free on links above.

All other UNHCR teaching materials can be found on UNHCR's Teaching About Refugees page in English and in French on UNHCR's Teaching About Refugees page in French.